Working wit the Boston Pizza Foundation

This gives a decent idea on how a lot of our projects look. Our goal to try to successfully bring two worlds together. There is a lot of controversy around voluntourism and so there should be. The temptation for most people is to want to throw the baby out w the bath water. People may say, "I did a trip once and it seemed like we were just in the way", or "I read an article that said it did more damage than good". The question is "how do we successfully bring those who have been given so much w those who struggle w just the basics". I believe there is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. I've managed over 300 house builds with over 3,000 people. From students, to professionals to executives. I can say it is most definitely possible to impact those who are in need of some basic support and those who need an awaking of what really matters in life.